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We’re all about Saas and our goal is to create the next unicorn! We stay fired up with fresh ideas, happy customers, and lots of coffee.

Online banking is here to stay. We delivered several platforms and mastered the tech. We will continue working on fintech solutions & platforms.

Cities will be fully digitalized sooner or later, we want to play a major part in this transpormation. We do our part to give back to our community.

Like little kids we love to play with real hardware, but now we can also play with the software part and enjoy the results. If you have an idea in mind, let’s talk we will show you some references.

We focus on your marketing efforts, allowing you to focus on core competencies. Since 2004.

Our team worked with Evolution Gaming and other Game Tech companies. For sure we can deliver any solution you need.

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MVP development

Software development for startups and businesses by efficient and innovative agile team.
—Let our experienced team guide you through building your MVP. We’ll cut costs and find the most efficient way to get your product ready. It’s a win-win partnership, not an outsourced deal.

Product design

User experiences design service including product discovery, wireframing and high-fidelity mockups.
—Don’t build a deadcat! Let us design your product with your users in mind. We are best in customer development, prototyping, wireframing, and final solution shaping.


Supercharge you branding with the latest trends. Let’s innovate, differentiate and be bold.
—Branding is more than just design. We will work together until we craft a winning brand strategy and key differentiators to make you win.
from 2Kmonth

Fractional CMO

Let’s lift your product into the winners zone. Experiment with today’s tactics to find fast growth paths.
—Marketing is all about action, experiments, shaping product and messaging. Rule number one: develop a long-term concept and stick to it. Let us guide your team towards success.
from 1Kmonth

CTO Advisor

Supercharge your project with senior Fractional CTO. Supervision, architecture, complex solutions & more.
—Get expert guidance for your project’s software architecture and stack with our Fractional CTO service. Our pay-as-you-go model allows you to cancel anytime.

Agile coaching

Maximize your team’s efficiency with Agile frameworks.
—Our Scrum and Agile experts can assist your team in transitioning to more productive development processes.

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