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Hey and welcome to check our references! We act as a shadow team for most of our B2B and SaaS clients by consulting or offering fractional services.

Please contact us, so we can find and share the references from your niche.

3D Web3 platform

We developed a platform for 3Ds and NFTs. Technology for fast objects rendering on modern websites.

First pilots and demo environment are soon to be open for public.

Alpha preview → Check the demo


We helped Lokimo with software architecture, implementation of agile processes, software development and product design. → Download IOS or ANDROID app

Real Estate CRM

This platform makes it easy to handle real estate projects without getting overwhelmed with excel tables. Housing, condos, automated pricing, packaging, extras, bookings and a user-friendly sales CRM that helps you manage customer relationships.

See it in action →


Our team possesses more than five years of experience in providing online banking solutions for local and international banks (inc. accounts management, Smart-ID, Mobile-ID, Digital document signing, integrations with KYC and AML, products and agreements management, data processing). We would be happy to provide you with additional references upon request.

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Social marketplace

We developed social marketplace platform for service providers and people in need.

A secure and convenient environment for contracting and providing care and social services.


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MVP development

Software development for startups and businesses by efficient and innovative agile team.
—Let our experienced team guide you through building your MVP. We’ll cut costs and find the most efficient way to get your product ready. It’s a win-win partnership, not an outsourced deal.

Product design

User experiences design service including product discovery, wireframing and high-fidelity mockups.
—Don’t build a deadcat! Let us design your product with your users in mind. We are best in customer development, prototyping, wireframing, and final solution shaping.


Supercharge you branding with the latest trends. Let’s innovate, differentiate and be bold.
—Branding is more than just design. We will work together until we craft a winning brand strategy and key differentiators to make you win.

Fractional CMO

Let’s lift your product into the winners zone. Experiment with today’s tactics to find fast growth paths.
—Marketing is all about action, experiments, shaping product and messaging. Rule number one: develop a long-term concept and stick to it. Let us guide your team towards success.

CTO Advisor

Supercharge your project with senior Fractional CTO. Supervision, architecture, complex solutions & more.
—Get expert guidance for your project’s software architecture and stack with our Fractional CTO service. Our pay-as-you-go model allows you to cancel anytime.

Agile coaching

Maximize your team’s efficiency with Agile frameworks.
—Our Scrum and Agile experts can assist your team in transitioning to more productive development processes.

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