Success through experience

15+ years in the game — designing, building and fixing digital products

We can help you in 2 ways 👇

Fix software and team

Don’t waste money on poorly designed software. I help with code reviews, planning and team setups. I will guide you through the process to avoid costly mistakes.

If you’re struggling with a current project or building something new — don’t hesitate to reach out.

Fix product and strategy

I’ll ensure your product resonates with customers from planning to launch. Let’s prepare winning strategies by building a product that users will love.

Partner with us, let’s build an outstanding product.

Scalable software and mobile apps


Product design

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MVP development

Software development for startups and businesses by efficient and innovative agile team.
—Let our experienced team guide you through building your MVP. We’ll cut costs and find the most efficient way to get your product ready. It’s a win-win partnership, not an outsourced deal.

Product design

User experiences design service including product discovery, wireframing and high-fidelity mockups.
—Don’t build a deadcat! Let us design your product with your users in mind. We are best in customer development, prototyping, wireframing, and final solution shaping.


Supercharge you branding with the latest trends. Let’s innovate, differentiate and be bold.
—Branding is more than just design. We will work together until we craft a winning brand strategy and key differentiators to make you win.

Fractional CMO

Let’s lift your product into the winners zone. Experiment with today’s tactics to find fast growth paths.
—Marketing is all about action, experiments, shaping product and messaging. Rule number one: develop a long-term concept and stick to it. Let us guide your team towards success.

CTO Advisor

Supercharge your project with senior Fractional CTO. Supervision, architecture, complex solutions & more.
—Get expert guidance for your project’s software architecture and stack with our Fractional CTO service. Our pay-as-you-go model allows you to cancel anytime.

Agile coaching

Maximize your team’s efficiency with Agile frameworks.
—Our Scrum and Agile experts can assist your team in transitioning to more productive development processes.

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How we operate

Reality check

Whether you have an existing product, a new idea, or missing requirements, we are committed to offering you practical solutions to ensure your project’s success.

Complexity check

There’s no such thing as “too complex” for us. We’re action-oriented, and our vast network of experts can provide fast solutions to any challenge.

Timelines check

We like realistic deadlines. The timelines for your project will depend on various factors like requirements, resources, and third-party involvement.

Agile check

We will make sure the development process is fast and agile. We will plan delivery in sprints and will continuously collect feedback.