Generative AI: How B2B can leverage AI today?

From Art to Supercomputers

Generative AI is an exciting type of AI that can create amazing results from simple inputs. The conversation has focused on its ability to generate stunning images and art. But, it can do much more than that. With the right AI generator, anyone can create videos, documents, and digital experiences that are just as amazing.

Should your company jump into AI development?

Top-5 suggestions:

1. Explore the automation opportunities for your daily operations and repetitive tasks.
2. Test new solutions, they will help you to understand the possibilities better.
3. Wait for the big tech releases to have tools at your fingertips inside existing solutions.
4. Custom solutions and development can be expensive, anything easy will be created in masses by indie developers.
5. Keep an eye on the main benefit – efficiency.

Staying Grounded: Balancing Fascination about Generative AI

Generative AI will revolutionize nearly every industry, and many companies can use the excellent Generative AI APIs on the market. Some companies need to build custom models with their proprietary data that are experts in their domain.

While we can get overhyped with tech stories, it’s important to remember that Generative AI needs computing superpowers and we are just at the start of the new era of hardware and AI services.

Now as we ave seen services like Jasper has used Generative AI to write nearly 5 billion words and reduced the time to generate the first draft by 80%. Insilico uses AI to accelerate drug design, while Absci uses it to predict therapeutic antibodies.

Mitsui and NVIDIA have announced Japan’s first Generative AI supercomputer for the pharmaceutical industry. Leading pharma companies in Japan will use the Tokyo-1 NVIDIA DGX supercomputer to accelerate drug discovery. Meta is also developing an AI supercomputer that will run the next generation of AI algorithms.

In the end, the creator will always be our hero, not the AI tool. We will always be drawn to stories by people, about people, and for people.

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